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As a creative and hardworking writer, I’m in constant pursuit of telling stories in a unique way. I aim to captivate a reader with writing that is both timeless and fresh, playful and to the point—anything but boring.


Most of my work is centered around the outdoors and sustainability, however I’ve also written extensively about food and home design. From compelling editorial essays to detailed outdoor adventure itineraries and branded content that sings, nearly seven years of experience has made me a versatile writer who is always up for a challenge. 


While I'm currently a full-time freelancer in beautiful coastal Maine, my past experience includes e-commerce copywriter at West Elm in Brooklyn, activewear and kids' copywriter at L.L.Bean, and the East Coast Correspondent for Bearfoot Theory Media Company.


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Copywriting and Content Creation Clients:

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Check out my project, The Send, a weekly newsletter delivering Maine's freshest outdoor news to help inspire your next adventure.
The Send is a proud recipient of Maine Ad + Design's (MADE) Community Grant Fund and a member of Maine Outdoor Brands.

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