Writing about the outdoors from inside...most of the time.

Movement and the outdoors is at the heart of everything I do. 

I grew up in an active, outdoorsy family in a New Jersey suburb located on the fringes of New York City. 

Throughout early years and adulthood, I traveled, camped, hiked, biked, skied, surfed, and soaked up the vibrant culture of New York and the outer boroughs. 

Today, my tiny family and I have put down roots in Portland, Maine, where we are spoiled with oceans, mountains, coastlines, and trails. Oh, and there's some next-level food and beer. Truthfully, I really just write about the outdoors so I have an excuse to get out there as much as possible — what? No, it's not my day off, I'm totally working! 

My main side hustle is as a yoga teacher, 500 HR RYT (check that out here!)


In a past life, I worked as a professional vocal performer and recording artist and have been truly fortunate to collaborate with producers, songwriters, and dancers, among other talented creatives.

On occasion, I lend my vocals to multimedia projects for my husband's boutique music production company, Vacationland Music. Need some custom music for your project? From podcasts to short films, promotional content, and more, he's got you covered! Check that out, too.

Here is one of the projects that I most proud of: "Sweet Girl", an original song, written, recorded, and performed live by me in collaboration with Freespace Dance for their multi-media event, "A Women's Movement". My endless gratitude goes to dear friend and teacher, Omni-Kitts Ferrara, whose poetry inspired this piece, Donna Scro-Samori for her choreography and vision, and to Hannah Castoro for dancing it so beautifully.


Let's face it, sometimes your dog is just way more interesting (and more awesome) than you. Meet Candy. 

Sweet Girl
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Our super pup is now living life on skis
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