Attention-grabbing language with purpose and heart.

I work with brands and organizations in the outdoor and lifestyle industries to develop their voice, digital strategy, and craft a rock-solid identity in print or online. 


Services: E-mail marketing; E-commerce copywriting (product descriptions, landing pages, banners, etc.); Web copy and development; Paid social content, Campaign + brand strategy.  

Email Copy

NEMO Equipment

The first email announcing their 2020 line. We wanted to emphasize that the new beginner kits were designed with the same high-quality and attention to detail, but more accessible for the newbie. The headline,"every adventure", points to NEMO's mission statement of making outdoor adventure inclusive for enthusiasts of all kinds. 

The George Rooms Page copy.png

The George

Beauty mogul, Bobbi Brown, and husband Steven Plofker revived a dilapidated Georgian inn into their take on a chic, modern-day version. After touring the space, I worked with Bobbi and Steven's team to concept and write copy for the hotel's website. Like their design details, I was meticulous with my word choice in order to reflect the upscale, yet fresh vibe of The George. 

Wayward Danner Women's Boot Copy.png
Product Description


A lifestyle and outdoor brand based in Seattle, Wayward sells products that blend urban living and adventure. When writing the product description for this pair of Danner boots, I made sure to highlight the versatility (trailhead to taproom, people!), fit, and function of this shoe to make online shopping a breeze.


Copywriting, Product Descriptions, Landing Pages

Bluffworks Azore Blouse Copy .png

Bluffworks is a travel clothing company designing comfy, versatile, "not-so-basic basics", that are always stylish. They believe that life is a grand adventure — and I do, too — which is why this was such a fun project to work on. 

After the success of their men's line, Bluffworks was ready to launch a capsule wardrobe for women on-the-go. My job was to help translate everything customers loved about Bluffworks (informative, friendly, excited, inspiring) from the men's voice into all things Bluffworks, but for the ladies. This wasn't a pink-it-and-shrink-it mission, and Bluffworks' thing is technical details that are invisible to the naked eye, so I worked hard to craft language that wouldn't read as mansplaining. 


However, the company had a solid grasp on voice and tone, so I rarely had to worry about whether or not it was on-brand. As a traveler myself, I worked to humanize the copy, using an excited and conversational tone as if I was sharing my new find with a friend. 

west elm 

In-house e-commerce copywriter

west elm outdoor furniture in-line copy
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