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Yoga + Wellness

“Find a balance between standing strong and remaining open to possibility” - Donna Farhi


200-Hour certification in Vinyasa Yoga

500-Hour certification in Hatha Yoga

95-Hour certification in Grounded Kids Yoga

*In Progress: 500-Hour Yoga Therapeutics Specialist certification with Yoga Medicine

(I have already completed a Nervous System + Mental Health and Wellness yoga therapy training which has equipped me with the skills to offer personalized instruction to anyone struggling with mental illness.)


Move with me on my YouTube channel, where you can find free classes for practitioners of all levels.

These classes will remain here for anyone who needs free yoga or meditation.

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the new digital yoga studio

I am thrilled to share my digital yoga studio, Waypoints Yoga.


Here, you'll find a library of pre-recorded yoga + meditation classes, plus, downloadable individual classes available for purchase. It's a beautiful platform that offers monthly memberships + one-off classes. 

Local Studio classes

Portland Yoga Collective

Join me for in-person and livestream classes at the Portland Yoga Collective in the heart of the city's Old Port neighborhood. 

My schedule:


All-levels vinyasa class

Monday 9:30 AM


yoga sessions

I love to work with people of all levels and abilities 1:1.


We can work together to design a practice that meets you where you're at, is complementary to your work with healthcare providers, and supports you on your journey to optimal health and wellness. 

MY PHILOSOPHY: A holistic approach to the wellbeing of your body and mind rooted in both modern science and the yoga tradition.


MY APPROACH: After nearly a decade of practicing yoga, 6+ years of teaching experience, and healing both physical injuries and mental illnesses in my own body-mind, I strive to bring a well-rounded and informed approach to my teaching. We are all designed to be resilient organisms with the ability to meet the demands of our environment, even when pain or disease is present. Although we will encounter challenges and the process won’t always be easy, I believe that a conscious movement practice like yoga and meditation can significantly enhance our quality of life and improve our tolerance for stress. Most importantly, we learn to attune and attend to what our body and mind need to be well. 


In my work, I take into account the whole individual — body, heart, and mind — to provide practical tools for growth, self-inquiry, and body awareness to demystify things like pain or even your own anatomy! My goal is to educate you about how your systems function so that you can be in control of your own healing or wellness journey. I hope to provide students a body of education that will serve them well, articulate their needs to providers, and bring them closer to optimal health. 

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1:1 yoga sessions

Here’s how it works: A 1:1 session is in part, up to you, your needs, and how you’d like to engage with yoga or yoga therapy. An individualized lesson allows me to meet you where you’re at, establish clear goals, and focus on what is working to bring you back to optimal health. There are a few ways to approach this, so you can decide how you’d like to work together! 


OPTION #1:  

Answer a brief questionnaire to help me get to know you better and I’ll create three straightforward practices tailored to suit your needs, which you can have pre-recorded or “live” on Zoom! This includes movement, breathwork/meditation, and a call where you can chat about what’s on your mind. 


Perfect for the person who wants personalized instruction, is just getting into yoga or looking to learn more about self-care practices. 


Investment: $79 



OPTION #2:  

This is the same format as the first option just with a bit more packed in! Answer the questionnaire and receive five practices to enhance your wellbeing. This includes two one-hour calls to support you or answer questions, plus additional material for your reference when we’re done.  


This is beneficial for anyone rehabbing an injury (please let me know if you are already working with a healthcare provider!), looking for support with mental wellbeing, or interested in learning more about self-care. 


Investment: $99


OPTION #3:  

Create a custom practice! I’m available for one session, a small group, or personalized sessions that are ongoing. I’m here to support you, so if there’s something you need but don’t see here, don’t hesitate to let me know! 

Investment for an individual virtual session: $29

Investment for small group virtual session:  $9/person 


*NOTE: If you just want to chat, I also offer a free 30-minute consultation. Please don't be afraid to reach out!


topics we can focus on:

Building strength and stability

Alleviating pain, chronic or otherwise

Increasing flexibility and range of motion

Stress management 

Recovering from an injury

Mental illness, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, mood disorders 

Gentle or restorative practice 

Introduction to common yoga poses 

Yoga for kids or teens 


What is Yoga Therapy and how does it help me? 


Yoga therapy is about treating the individual and meeting you where you’re at. It integrates an in-depth understanding of anatomy, physiology, the nervous system and more to serve as a complementary practice for you alongside work you may already be doing with healthcare providers. 


As a yoga therapist in-training my primary goal is to support you and create a practice to enhance your wellbeing — one that fits into your lifestyle, not the other way around. Although I am still completing my studies, I offer a therapeutic approach to empower you with body awareness, education, and tools to regulate stress and alleviate pain. To me, yoga therapy is not a modality that tells you what you should be doing, it’s a deeper inquiry that invites you to begin just as you are, take an active part in your recovery, and focus on what’s already working.

Learn more about Yoga Medicine here! 

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