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Holiday Presence

This is probably not news to you, but the holidays can be kind of crazy. As we get closer and closer to Christmas there's any number of things demanding our attention that prevent us from being fully present. Even as I try my very best to stay in the moment, it's hard not to get totally wrapped up in the chaos of the season. Is this at all sounding familiar? I'm sure you can relate...

Yoga teacher and life coach, Joe Gandarillas is here to help, people! I know, I know, you're running around picking up gifts and running last minute errands and don't have time for this, right? No excuses this time, 'cause we made these words of wisdom byte-sized and Instagram-style. Think of these as little pick-me-ups and mood-boosters to help when you are totally and 100% in the holiday weeds.

If you don't know Joe, one, what has taken you so long and where have you been? Two, you can take one of his wonderful classes at Yoga Mechanics and find out all about what he does at,

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