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July | Why The Exhale?

When I first began to think about what to call this newsletter I had at least a hundred bad ideas: The Yogi Newsletter, The Yoga Mailer, The Mantra Mailer, blah, blah, blah. Sometimes our creative blocks are exactly what we need because it forced me to get off my computer and go for walk. With the sun shining through the trees and the lush, green landscape to inspire me, I immediately felt my shoulders relax, my jaw unclench and my whole body soften. I took a deep breath in and relished the soothing sensation of a long and fluid exhale. Then it hit me: The Exhale!

An exhalation is something we offer out to the world. It’s a direct result of taking something in and gathering it up inside us, only to be completely transformed when we release it back out again. Although we are tasked with making the shapes of each pose in yoga, our internal work is truly what transforms us. These two actions are equal parts of one beautiful, gritty and complex whole, yet, it’s only the exhale—the outer form—that the rest of world can see, experience and hold.

So this newsletter is my offering. It’s the result of being surrounded by a passionate, vibrant and inspiring community. The result of creativity on and off the mat. And it’s the result of taking all those things in and holding space to process, create and release those things back into the wild. I’m a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all ships and truly hope that both mine and the stories of others will make a positive impact in some way. Thank you all so much for being here.

With love,


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