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Hello! And thank you so much for your interest in my services. 

Below you can find a description of what I do and how it is done along with a few additional services that I encourage you to consider customizing for your specific needs.

I am also highly knowledgeable in where to find the best tacos, can sing on demand, and tell you bad yet entertaining jokes at my own expense when prompted.



Social Media Consultation 

Whether you are just beginning or are already established on social media, consider this a quick and dirty assessment of your social media presence.

  • Develop an engaging, clear and authentic online voice 

  • Become knowledgeable in how to create a powerful social media campaign that drives fan excitement and participation  

  • A crash course in SEO and interpreting analytics

  • Curate weekly content that engages and expands your online community...not to mention a ROI


Copywriting & Content Creation

What you say on social media is just as important as how you say it. Although I am happy to write content specifically for your brand, I am also passionate about helping entrepreneurs discover the best way to establish brand recognition through starting just the right kind of conversation.

  • Create intriguing, unique and stand-out copy by writing catchy titles, blog posts and content for your website

  • Deliver thoughtful content: post strategically to create a safe space for a loyal and engaged community to grow


A Full Service Boutique Agency for your Online Brand

Need more? Since expanding your brand digitally is a creative and visual process I can provide you with assistance from high-quality, experienced professionals.

  • graphic design

  • web design

  • web development


I am also available for digital creative direction (the big picture kinda thing), web and e-mail marketing beyond social media and some PR work to give your online platforms some serious legs. 



The Process:

Clarity in communication is key. So in order to start off on the right foot, please fill out the form below before we get started. This will provide me with all the necessary information so that when it is time to begin we can cut to the chase (although, I do love some good small talk) and get you tweeting, pinning and posting in no time! 



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