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Online Yoga

Friends! Here you will find the digital extension of my yoga offerings. Given the state of things, yoga seems even more necessary to support the wellbeing of our bodies, hearts, and minds. Not surprisingly, it has also connected me with so many loved ones and yogis from out of state, and it has been a joy to share these classes and practices with you. 

You'll find the videos on my YouTube channel, and to be honest, guys, the first few are rough. However, I have been working hard to level up the quality and improve these videos bit by bit. Please j'excuse! There's a whole sound issue, some moments where I only have a partial head, and many other fun easter eggs that I hope you enjoy. It's all yoga, right? 


SUBSCRIBE: Please subscribe to my channel to receive email updates of new classes. Hit the "like" button, or comment to keep this space thriving! Speaking of thriving, these offerings are FREE which you can support as you are able. Drop a donation in the virtual tip jar via my PayPal. Info is below!


VIRTUAL TIP JAR: Username: Katherine Oakes Link: Suggested donation: $10

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